High school

The High School Section operates under an agreement signed with CNED (Centre National d’Enseignement à Distance – National French distance-learning Center). Students are taught by French or French-speaking teachers in all subjects. Providing course materials, grading paper tests are carried out in France by CNED teachers. The technology and vocational tracks are not offered at the French School of Tashkent. Students take the Baccalaureate examination at the end of Grade 12 in Moscow. In 2016-2017, the average enrollment is 4 students per class in High School.

In Grade 10, 80% of the overall schedule is made of courses common to all students , to which are added two subjects of exploration, one of which is economics, to which may be also added optional instruction. It is at the same time a grade of strenthening a common culture and a grade of course choices in Grade 11. Find out more about the Grade 10 curriculum.

In Grade 11 and 12, students gradually acquire knowledge and skills to enable them to pass the Baccalaureate exam and prepare for the pursuit of higher education. Each of the three tracks is centered on majors: – in Humanities track (L): French Language Arts and Literature, foreign languages and philosophy, – in Economic and Social Sciences track (ES): economic and social sciences, mathematics, history and geography – in Scientific track (S): Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology Find out more about the Grade 11 and 12 curriculum.

After Bacalaureate