Message from the head of the school

Welcome to a unique school

  • This school is unique because it is the only French school in Central Asia that offers preschool and primary classes which are officially accredited by the French Ministry of National Education and where education is carried out up to French Baccalaureate.
  • This school is unique because it is the only school in Tashkent, where Russian and English languages are introduced along with French language as early as Grade 1.
  • This school is unique because the French Baccalaureate is internationally recognized for its quality and high standards of knowledge; it provides access to undergraduate education not only in France, but also in Europe, Russia, Middle East and North America.
  • This school is unique for its quality of teaching – on average there are less than ten students in class; there are qualified teachers either from France or the ones speaking in French who obtained training from the Agency for French Education Abroad (AEFE); all school materials come from France.

Selecting the French School in Tashkent – an opportunity for you and your child to experience inexpressible moments, connect to two cultures, master three languages and become global citizen!

Sébastien PINEDE,

Director of the French school of Tashkent


Catherine Buatois, directrice de l'école francaise de Tachkent